Blaine in Diva

Putting a stop to the pointless argument I’m having with myself. (It all started because I hate getting committed to a belief I’m not sure I hold—which happens when you say something out loud.)

I still don’t think Blaine is just demonstrating that guys can be divas in general. I think he’s fighting for his right to be seen as a diva sometimes. So basically, what I think he is saying is that he has an “inner diva” as much as the girls do because he is an ambitious performer, aware of his talent and abilities, who also enjoys theatrics as much as the next person, girl or guy. End of story.

Only reason I care is because I think this is consistent with Blaine’s prior characterization and extremely cool, because I love theatrical, dramatic things! Also, we’ve always known he is these things, so no new information about him is revealed really. (Just pointing that out in case anyone who has not read my previous posts comes upon this one.)

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